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FL!P Architects: Our Mission to Give Form to the Future

In modern architectural practices, there are many day-to-day logistical processes that, having grown out of past necessities, have now become unquestioned routines. But what if these norms that once served to guide us in overcoming our limitations have since become rigid traditions that are now stifling creativity in the digital age?

We at FL!P Architects have taken the bold move to try and revitalise the how and why of architecture: to flip those routines on their heads and redesign them from the foundation up, all the while creating contemporary, practical structures for a rapidly changing world.

The History of FL!P

To best understand the FL!P philosophy, it’s necessary to look at the story of its conception from the very beginning. I began FL!P, a multi-disciplinary architectural practice based in Hamburg, in November of 2018 after a lifetime of dedication to the subject.

Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, I possessed a fascination with drawing and problem-solving from a young age. As I grew up, I realised that these skills were an important way for me to communicate my thoughts and ideas in a way that words couldn’t.

After graduating in Amman, I moved to Hamburg to complete my Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. It was here that I was first employed by a local firm. Despite the value of this experience, I didn’t take long to see that in order to realise my creative vision, I would need to carve my own path in an industry bogged down by concrete methodologies.

The way I saw it, there were certain structures in place that, in guiding the step-by-step process of designing and building structures, were inadvertently overlooking missed opportunities. The world now had a vast toolbox of advanced technologies at its disposal that were not being utilised by architects, and noticing this oversight, I saw what amounted to wasted potential for innovation.

I left the firm after only a year and spent several years working as a freelancer, collaborating with a number of firms and practices across Hamburg until I was accepted into the Hamburg Chamber of Architects. Some six months later, I founded FL!P.

FL!P Right Now

There is a saying amongst Germany’s 150,000 registered architects that here, there are “more of us than grains of sand at the beach.” Understanding the need to stand out, FL!P and our team of three colleagues, or Flippers as we call ourselves, have already made fast progress on testing and refining methods that we believe could one day become the new standard.

By integrating Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technologies into our processes, we are already delivering exciting solutions for lower prices than could have previously been imagined. With every new project, our approach is being refined to create an infrastructure that shows that our way works as well, if not better, than the old models.

For example, by utilising Virtual Reality headsets, we can step into our designs and craft them in a virtual space. This revolutionary method has the potential to change the way in which architects and planners can visualise and communicate their projects, and not just with each other.

There has so far been nothing more rewarding than seeing the face of a client as they mount their headset and take their first step through their project. Where before they were faced with confusing drawings and simplified models, now we can transport them into their future, walking them through each room to show them everything from the structural skeleton of the building to bathroom fixtures.

And it’s not just this novel experience that has our clients smiling. So far, our model is saving customers around 30% on building and design costs, and as our projects grow and our guiding AI self-learns, there’s no reason why these costs couldn’t further plummet.

The Future of FL!P

As our motto boldly claims, it’s our intention to bring form to the future. This to us means that on our quest for innovation, we welcome all challenges with open arms and try to approach them in ways that others might find unorthodox. We don’t want to be different for the sake of it; we want to champion visionary ideas that could change the world.

By using technology to improve the practicality, economy, and creativity of designing and building structures, we are looking to create a new working model for how architecture can be approached.

With this attitude, we can see ourselves growing to a global team of 400 Flippers within the next five years, an expansion no faster than the explosive rate of evolution for the technologies that provide our business framework. Many would call this a long shot, but we have little doubt that our results so far are early signs of an exciting development in the long story of architecture.

As we continue to grow and realise our collective vision at bringing form to the future, it’s hard to think that there may ever be a more exciting time to be joining the team here at FL!P.

If you'd like to be part of our team, check out our current vacancies and apply for a visit to meet us!

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