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Was wir machen is a market network that matches digital service providers from the new economy with industrial companies from the old economy.
We enable automated matches and targeted, efficient search for: customer-buyer relationships, project collaboration, or for any kind of strategic partnership.
At the same time, the network functions allow for transparent reputation and references, content sharing and knowledge.
In short - we reinvent the way that organizations connect, build relationships and collaborate to reach their objectives. This transforms B2B marketing and business development functions into smart and enjoyable processes.

Warum wir das tun

We strongly believe that economies should be built on innovation, sustainability and collaboration. By building a friction-less information platform for organisations, we believe that we can fundamentally contribute to this vision.

Wie wir's tun

We have a strong team and collaboration culture and we always take input from the entire, multi-disciplinary team. Decisions are taken in consensus or by the responsible expert for a given topic. Flexibility including remote work are granted, but always subject to project and organisational requirements.
While remaining agile and user driven, we use an efficient level of structures and routines and processes to maximize the speed of our build-measure-learn loops.

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