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Welcome at Wantedly! A short tutorial.

To give you a little bit of help at starting your job search with us, we put together some information about

  • filling out your profile
  • looking for jobs on Wantedly
  • what we can do to help you plan and advance your career.

Creating an Exceptional Wantedly Profile

The first thing you should do after signing up is filling in your profile. To start editing the information, go to

At Wantedly, the teams searching for employees want to know something more about you. About what interests you, what were successes in previous occupations and what your goals are. You can provide this information in the About Me and My Ambitions section. The experience section provides employers with info about your professional past. To stand out more, you can write about your responsibilities and successes in every position.

If possible, you should also provide info about Projects: Here you can write a bit more about the challenges and solutions and the process of getting there. You can also embed or reference many different kinds of media in the Portfolio section. A designer for example, could reference a repository or webpage and embed images or videos.

Once you filled in all the information on your profile, you can contact me or any of our Career Assistants, to have your profile checked before starting your job search on Wantedly.

Looking for Jobs, Getting to Know Teams and Starting an Applicaton

In the Job Listing ("Search Jobs"), you can filter the job ads by area of occupation, employment type, location and also search for specific keywords on the left hand side.

If you found a job ad that looks interesting to you after checking it out, you have 3 options on the top of the page on the right:

  • You can Recommend the job - this works similar to a "like" button. If many people recommend the job, it will rank higher in the listing. To recommend the job to a friend, you can simply copy and share the web address - anyone can view the job listing page, they do not need to be logged in.
  • You can Bookmark the job so you can find it again easily in the "Bookmarks" tab in the top of the Wantedly page
  • You can announce your interest in a job by clicking Want to Visit. This again gives you 3 options. You can get right into it and request a job interview, come by the company for a casual visit without applying or be contacted by a team member for a chat.

What happens after I show my interest in a position?

If you click "Want to Visit" and choose either of the options, the Wantedly Administrator (usually the Talent Manager) of the respective company or team will be informed of your request and they will be given access to your profile so they can check if your basic skills coincide with the open position. After checking out your profile, they will contact you with their decision and any info required for the next steps.

In case you have questions about a job ad that you wouldn't want to ask the company, you can always contact one of our Career Assistants - for example me - via Wantedly Messages. Since we are in direct contact with the companies and their personnel departments, we have some insight into their processes and current requirements.

For kicks, you can also check out our other sites, for example in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore to see what jobs we offer over there by going to your account settings (top right) and switching the country (not language!) - just don't forget to switch it back before resuming your job search at home.

The Wantedly Career Assistant Service - How can we help?

The Career Assistant Team at Wantedly provides help in creating the best possible profile with your portfolio, finding the right position - we might know more with our direct company contact - and with planning and advancing in your career - all free of charge.

We want our users to be in the best possible position to successfully apply for the jobs they are interested in and to pursue their passion. We know that leaving a stressful work environment, changing your career path or even finding your passion is not easy, so we want to provide guidance, offer solutions and help where we can to ensure that you are on the way to success and happiness.


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