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但其實喺香港地,仲有好多人默默咁為design努力緊,就好似喺深水埗嘅openground咁,時不時都會搵唔同嘅artists同designers做「ground talk」。



Graphic Designer
Comfortable working in fast pace, high pressure start-up environment
Raze's patented nanotechnology makes use of the light energy from our surrounding to removes bacteria and decomposes odor-causing substances, VOCs instantly and permanently. After decades of academic research, countless publications and multiple patents, the technology behind Raze was born. With a combination of nanotechnology, light and boundless determination, we discovered a fundamentally new approach to clean air. Raze is developed into a series of cleaning products and household items that allow consumers and enterprise alike to effectively eliminate indoor air-pollution immediately and permanently (as long as there is light!) Backed by two Fortune 500 investors and our founder's strategic global network, Raze has strategic access to a multitude of market channels. With the increasing awareness of our wellbeing, air-quality a vital factor. Raze is consist of the brightest scientist, engineers, and business executives. Come join us on our journey to bring clean and healthy air to the world!
Raze Technology Limited
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