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What we do

Wantedly is a Tokyo-based startup that uses the web to make work the most exciting it’s ever been.

To make this happen, we’ve created a platform where people and companies meet based on passion and values, rather than money or benefits. Everyday we work on adding new features that further enrich your work experience.

Starting this year, we are launching our first Europe office in the heart of Berlin. If you're interested in joining our family, don't be shy and contact us!

Why we do

We believe in a world, where people take pride and joy in their work. How many people around you truly feel fulfilled by their job? How can we make more people happy through their jobs?

A person's job is what takes up the majority of their day. So we want everyone to be excited about work, and about the team you work with - rather than what you get in return.

How we do

Our team is still small, but every single one is a highly skilled and talented player. All of us experienced working at mega size companies and believe in solving the problems we saw there. We aim to be a team where every member can take an active part in building our products.

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