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How to create an outstanding Job Posting

Listing up requirements and salary isn't going to cut it anymore when reaching out to the best talents nowadays. But not to worry! We are going to tell you exactly what you need to attract the right people to your job offer.


You have an awesome team and your business is growing bigger and bigger? Or do you need smart allies to realize a great idea of yours? The it's time to hire team members!

In our today's post we summarized all of our best knowledge about how to write not a good, but an outstanding job posting. Follow these 6 easy steps and you'll be sure to get exactly the applicants you have been waiting for.


1. Sign up on Wantedly

This is an obvious one - if you haven't done it yet, get a free account on Wantedly right now. It only takes a couple of seconds to sign up and will provide you with a wide arrange of tools you can use to market your job posting.

2. Describe what makes your team / idea / vision special

Here is something a lot of people know but never apply when hiring new members:
What you really want is someone who is fired up for your cause, not fired up for the money. So why giving possible applicants only information about salary and benefits, when this gives you a clear handicap compared to other companies who may pay twice as much as you?

What really talented people are interested in are challenges and the work environment. Try to think of it as marketing what qualities you have to offer besides the payroll. We found that applying the principle of the Golden Circle - What, Why and How - is the easiest way to showcase your strongest arguments on why somebody should join your team.

✔ What We Do

Introduce your business and strategy
. What is it you are actually producing/ offering/ building? When did it start and where are you going with this project?

Sometimes when your team grows bigger and your company owns several products at the same time it gets harder to describe this part to job seekers. In that case, try to concentrate on the actual project or team you want to hire this person for.

✔ Why We Do

Describe your vision and values. As we learned from Dan Pink, this part is most crucial in sparking the desire in people to work with you. It is the driving force in creating long-term motivation.

Imagine the following scenario. Somebody who started working for you because you offered them a higher salary than others will focus on that as their main motivator. It results in a decline in motivation if you don't promote them regularly. 
However, if you can inspire somebody to believe in your vision, you only need to remind them of your cause to bring back that initial feeling of fulfillment. This technique has been proven to lower the turnover rate significantly in teams of any size.

Secret Tip: A great way to test whether your employees are still motivated about their job is to ask them whether they know what they are doing it for. It can also show you whether everyone is working towards the same goal or not.

 Finally, it will separate the unfitting applicants from the good ones for you even before they apply. If they feel touched by your message, they are many times more likely to be an asset for your team.

Offering more benefits seems like the easier way, but in the end finding someone who cares about the same issues as you will provide you with a more satisfied and productive team mate.

✔ How We Do

Show your ways to solve issues and drive business. This is the part where you can show off your awesome coffee maker or the special people you have already on board. Here is your chance to describe what you can teach somebody coming into your team. It is also your opportunity to describe your preference in working styles - for instance whether you work closely like a family or prefer to have your freedom and growth hack remotely.

Being honest about what your team and office actually looks like enhances your chance of finding somebody who really fits to your existing team.

Need inspiration? Check our this team and their terrific What-Why-How!

3. The actual job post

No, this is not the part where you list up "We want"s like:
- self driven
- highly motivated
- excellent at problem solving
- jack of all trades...

Let's be honest: Everyone thinks that writing this will grant them a flood of applications from exclusively self-driven, highly motivated jack of all trades that are excellent at problem solving. In reality, you are hiring a human being with strengths and weaknesses. The question is how to attract the ones who are aware of these and can use both to everyone's advantage.

This sounds more complicated than is actually is. What smart people are looking for is a way to grow. So besides describing the currently required tasks, give them an outlook on what their long term career could look like at your company and what challenges they will face. Many people are looking to switch jobs because they feel like they have hit the wall with opportunities in their current position. Adding zest to the position means appealing to peoples passions and goals.

4. Job Title

Before we forget it - here a special advice that we found has been a main factor for a person to make the decision on whether to click your job or scroll further: Think of a catchy title!

Decide for yourself which post you are more likely to click:

A) Sales (m/f) for HR Startup

B) Let's match people with exciting jobs together!

What is essential here is that the second one does not necessarily sound like a job posting. To the contrary - it is easier to share on Social Media and will pull in interested people who under normal circumstances would never click on a job post.

Aspects that provoke attention are:

・ your vision/ motivation
・ a cool feature of your product/ service
・ character traits of your team (e.g. "Trekkies wanted for our quest to improve online payment systems")
・ unusual requirements
・ anything unique about your team (e.g. "Let's build a new SNS on the beaches of Bali!")

Pro Tip: Adding WANTED! on your Wantedly job posts puts a nice flavor to the title every time.

5. Pictures

There are not many hiring platforms that provide you with the possibility to use one of the most efficient ways to market your team, which is loads and loads of photos that show how awesome and fun working at your team really is. Luckily you already signed up on Wantedly and are able to upload as many pictures as you can! 

If you want to know exactly what kind of photos were used in the most successful job postings on Wantedly, have a look at our analysis of Top 6 most effective types of photos to use for your job post.

Remember that the most important one is the title picture for your job posting. It will show up whenever you share the job on Social Media. Here a few great examples of what a title picture can look like:

Things to keep in mind:
・ show your team
・ showcase your workspace
・ feature your product or vision
・ less text, more people looking directly at the camera
・ think of pictures you would likely click if they showed up on your Facebook or Twitter feed

6. After you publish

Now that you wrote an outstanding job posting, added amazing pictures and presented your team in the very best way, it's time for the last and most important part of creating a job post.

Get the word out that you're hiring!

Many people with hiring experiences know that most of the best candidates come in through personal recommendations. So why not apply this principle and accelerate it with some Social Network power?

The people in your or your team member's Facebook friend list might have exactly the right person for you in store. So click SUPPORT on your job post and share it on every channel you can. Ask your friends to support your job posting as well. Endorsements create trust for your brand and provide you with free marketing.

Pro Tip: Same attracts the same! If you're looking for a designer, make sure to ask every designer you know to share your job posting. If you're trying to add an intern to your team, let a student share your job. This way you can directly influence your audience and ultimately applicants. 


Now get out and show us how awesome your team really is.

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