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Android Engineer for robotics startup


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What we do

  • MJI's communication robot "Tapia"
  • Tapia is used for various business purposes.

【About MJI】
MJI Robotics is a startup company founded in July 2015. We develop communication robots and AI systems with the aim of making a better world for people and robots alike.
MJI stands for "More Joyful Innovation", we aim to make innovative technologies for a brighter future.

"You have a friend in robots and the possibilities are limitless".

Why we do

  • Companionship
  • Connect people

【Our Vision】

The rise of AI systems and robots in all facets of our lives is now imminent. May it be through smartphones or intelligent home devices, our living environment continues to change day by day. We look at the future with an open mind and we embrace the positive changes robots will bring to our everyday lives, these changes will come with a price but it is up to us to make the difference in this new society. We want to be part of it, and you can too!

Let's work together to make this world a better place and forge a society where robots are not ostracized but beloved.

【 Enjoy your life to the fullest 】

Everyone is its own special little snowflake, and we all have different lifestyles and deal with our emotions in different ways. Communication robots equipped with artificial intelligence, facial recognition and behavior pattern recognition are better equipped than humans to deal with the wide range of lifestyles people have.

Forgetful at times? One thing robots are especially good at is memory! They never forget anything, and there is a special place for you in their memory space.

Do you want to keep an eye on loved ones? Too busy to be always present? Robots can be a good substitute to look over for loved ones, monitoring their status making sure they are well,
and always allowing you to stay in touch with them.

The development of such Japanese communication robot is already at hand. MJI's robots are somewhat like a family and friends at time. Always there to offer the best of themselves,
and make this loving tie between humans and robot grow every day!

How we do

  • Members who share More Joyful Innovation
  • Open feeling office

MJI is a small and young start-up yet diverse corporation as members are from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Spain, France, India and Bangladesh who like craftsmanship, are state-of-art technology oriented, who like to think about new ideas, who can enjoy doing things he/she has not done before and who want to exchange opinions regardless of nationality under global environments.

As a new team member

MJI Inc. is looking for motivated individuals to join our team.

The candidates will be a part of a development team, and they will be in charge of the following tasks:

Android development:
- Develop Native Android application (Java&Kotlin) for Tapia
- Working with designers on Android front-end
- Back-end developement
- API interface
- IoT integration
- Embedded AI integration
- Android system maintenance
- Issue tracking, Version control, Testing

Server development:
- WebSocket server for real-time communication (Node js)
- API development (Node js, PHP, .NET C#)
- Website application (Node js, .Net C#, PHP)
- Database Maintenance(SQL server, mySQL)

< Cases of customized Tapia for business >
Case1. Room-concierge Tapia at a robot hotel
Case2. Table-concierge Tapia at a robot restaurant
Case3. Event-receptionist Tapia at IOT conference
Case4. Stamp-rally-tool Tapia at conference
Case5. Companion Tapia at nursing facilities
Case6. Nurse Tapia at a clinic

We have a lot more new projects coming in !

MJI will bring you a lot of different opportunities. Not just the opportunity to promote, but also the opportunity to contact different technologies.

-Job requirements
* Ability to work as part of team – an appreciation for working collaboratively is strongly required.
* Able to communicate effectively in English, able to read and write English
* Knowledge of Android

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  • Android Engineer for robotics startup