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ObjectBox iOS Developer (ObjC, Swift & C++) at ObjectBox


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Was wir machen

ObjectBox (Techstars '17) is the first high-performance NoSQL, ACID-compliant on-device database for mobile and IoT. ObjectBox is 10x faster than SQLite. It also takes only 1/10th of Lines of Code (LOC) to implement.

The database is free for maximum adoption. On top of the database, we are building a data synchronization solution. This will be paid as a SaaS.

As we have seen from transformations on the server space (NoSQL & cloud), connected devices will trigger the next transformation towards edge computing. Since ObjectBox allows any developer to handle more data on small devices, it will become the centrepiece of this.


We are also the team behind the open-source projects greenDAO ( and EventBus (, which are used by 30% of the top-500 apps on Google Play. To give some examples: Pinterest, Booking, Snapchat are all using our libraries in their apps.

Warum wir das tun

// Our mission \\
* Help app and IoT developers make SUPERSMOOTH APPs
* ACCELERATE mobile development
* Bring JOY & DELIGHT to the mobile industry

// Our values \\
* Be Accessible – ObjectBox database is free & easy to use, so that every mobile developer can benefit from its efficiency.
* Be Sustainable in every respect – ObjectBox aims to always be the most performant, easiest to implement, and most resourceful data solution for connected devices in every respect.
* Be Honest – fair comes first. Integrity, authenticity, transparency are valued above all. We stay true to what ObjectBox is – and what it isn’t.
* Share and Enjoy – treat others the way you want to be treated (or better for that matter ;)). Don’t take yourself too seriously; share and learn together in a fun way; enjoy and bring joy.


// Main responsibilities \\
* Build the Objective C and Swift API for ObjectBox on top of an existing C++ API
* Build additional iOS specific components for ObjectBox
* Build components related to data synchronization

// Requirements \\
* You are a self-motivated, result-oriented coder who loves to get stuff done
* You know how to think and move fast while keeping quality up
* Professional Objective C and Swift project experience
* Write clear, modular, maintainable, and testable code
* Deep CoreData knowledge (or similar technologies)
* Experience with Xcode build process and how to hook into it
* You have at least a basic understanding of C++
* Experience with integrating C++ libraries into iOS apps
* Solid knowledge of SQLite or another database
* Ability to write reliable multi-threaded code
* Performance awareness for your code, data structures, and algorithms
* You grow in a team environment, and you help other team members to grow

// Nice-to-haves \\
* Professional C++ experience preferably with C++11 or higher
* Experience building developer tools
* Open Source project management experience
* Experience with event-driven and or reactive software design
* Master’s degree

// What you get in return \\
* The chance to work in one of Europe’s hottest startups (see our Slush pitch here: )
* An easy-going and super-friendly working environment – so far, we’re all nerds 😊
* Exciting tasks with the option to learn and grow and take over much more responsibilities as fits your skillset and personal goals
* Employee Shares are an option
* Flexibility in every respect: No matter if you just finished your degree or already have a family: We are flexible and looking forward to design the job conditions and contract together with you to match your needs
* Adequate salary; central office in Munich; remote work is possible

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  • ObjectBox iOS Developer (ObjC, Swift & C++) at ObjectBox