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Senior Backend Developer
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Backend wizard WANTED! Work with us in Germany and the US


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  • Co-founder and COO of 12traits. Formerly founder and CEO of WATTx.

  • Co-founder at @12traits, leveraging psychometrics for frontier user analytics. Co-founder @Epicstoke. Athlete @The North Face. Previously head of UX at Big Fish.

Was wir machen

Rooted in clinical psychology, 12traits is leveraging psychometrics to create personalized dynamic experiences for gamers and catalyze the experience economy.

We are building a proprietary algorithm rooted in clinical psychology, which translates user behavior into direct dashboard insights that allows companies to have seamless access to their user’s psychographic landscape and intrinsic motivators. By introducing psychometrics as an entirely new paradigm to user-based analytics 12traits will usher in a new era of user engagement.

Warum wir das tun

There is a fundamental flaw in how we as end users experience our online world today. We are bombarded with irrelevant ads or shown news updates that do not interest us. This flaw exists because companies predominantly rely on user analytics that are limited to measuring our online behavior. Behavior-based analytics tools treat us as taps and clicks instead of what we really are: human beings. These tools fail to look under the hood to understand why we do what we do and what really matters to us.

This is the problem 12traits solves.

Wie wir's tun

We have successfully onboarded our first set of clients and are deploying our MVP in June.


• Refine and finalize our prototype and build the first version of our product
• Build a development roadmap for ensuing product generations
• Help us hire a strong team to achieve our vision
• Incorporate the latest findings from machine learning and psychological research into a working system
• Build APIs and different integrations to utilize clients` behavioral data and fuel our machine learning algorithm

• Practical backend development or data engineering experience
• Proven track record of leveraging modern infrastructure and tools (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker, AWS) and large-scale data processing technologies (e.g. SQL, Hadoop, Spark)
• Exceptional command of Go and/or Python
• Strong background in building APIs, integrating with BI and data-processing systems
• Demonstrated DevOps experience
• A solid understanding of data analysis / data science
• A portfolio of activities / a side project that showcases your intellectual curiosity

• Demonstrated ability to build, lead, and scale engineering teams as well as product development in a fast-paced, startup environment
• Solid experience with Java, C++, or C# considered a plus
• Familiarity with (mobile) gaming frameworks such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Marmalade SDK, GameMaker Studio, SpriteKit, CryEngine
• Familiarity with and interest in psychometric data

• An ambitious and clear vision of where we will take 12traits
• The opportunity to shape an exciting and important idea from the early days
• Highly motivated and experienced founders with the relevant domain expertise and networks
• First committed pilot customers to deploy our product with
• A competitive compensation package with a significant equity share
• The opportunity to work in an international team in the US and Europe

Please make sure to apply with a fully filled-in Wantedly profile, or else we don't know whether you're the real deal!

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  • Backend wizard WANTED! Work with us in Germany and the US