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Was wir machen

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Warum wir das tun

What we do
■私たちインキュビットは「人工知能 × データ時代の共創パートナー」として、ディープラーニング・機械学習等のの最先端テクノロジーを武器に、クライアントの新規事業の立ち上げ・次世代プロダクト・サービスの開発をアドバイザリー段階からシステムの実稼働までサポートしています。



Wie wir's tun

  • 1f7b41c6 818d 49d0 b6af 8ef13f08a4a7?1512990027 社内は3方向が全面窓になっているため、明るく開放的です。
  • C227d6f1 64c8 4143 aa04 6521bd61368f 様々な国籍のメンバーが在籍しているため、多様な文化に触れることが可能です。

Who we are


Culture / Working Environment


We are looking for talented individuals that want to gain hands-on experience with AI projects while working in an international startup. In particular we are looking for people to assist us with the following:

Assist the CEO and project management team by:
- Understanding client needs and communicating it effectively to our AI engineers in English
- Working with our AI engineers to prepare client facing deliverables in Japanese
- Managing data preparation to use for machine learning/deep learning

Assist the CEO and marketing team by:
- Planning, coordinating, and executing events to increase sales leads
- Interacting with potential clients ranging from executive officers in multinational corporations interested in high level discussions to technical managers looking to begin AI projects at marketing events
- Researching and creating eye-catching articles about AI to publish on our website

Required qualification:
- Able to think and take initiative independently
- Detail oriented and takes responsibility
- Interested in AI and the technology startup industry
- Business level Japanese or above
- Able to work at our Tokyo office at least 3 days a week

- Current or previous research/work experience around project management
- Experience with events planning, through previous or current work experience or through personal/university activities.

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Gründer 北村尚紀
Gegründet Januar, 2014
Mitarbeiterzahl 10 Mitarbeiter
Branchen Consulting / Survey / IT (Internet/Mobile)

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