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WANTED: Android Developer


Mitglieder von SUGAR株式会社

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  • I'm a Scala Developer and have been using for 4 years, some of them in London.
    I am passionate about programming Scala using pure functions and have a deep understanding of monads, cats library and several programming models such as type classes. I also Find Akka library and its approach to multi...

  • 東京大学理学部情報学科卒。


  • 金融機関勤務後、ソルデプラン株式会社設立。ガラケー向けのエンタメ・スポーツコンテンツを利用したCP事業を軸に、スマートフォンゲームアプリ、地上波・BS向けデータ放送システム、大規模法人システムの運用代行等の事業構築。2014年にM&Aにより会社売却。


  • 2006年に株式会社ドワンゴにて新卒入社。 ニコニコ動画・ニコニコ動画モバイルに携わった後、ニコニコ生放送の初代リーダーを務め社長賞MVPを2年連続受賞。その後も「Niconico Live Encoder」「SmartySmile」などを企画開発した。


Was wir machen

  • 2052f93a 7728 48ce a9fb 78fc4f455d69?1540871989 SUGARで、あなたのあこがれのあの芸能人から着信が。ライブでつながる興奮を、あなたに。 Using SUGAR you receive a call from the entertainer that you are longing. You will have the excitement of a live connection with him.
  • B27fceda 9e57 4d9c a3b3 656012f57f72?1540871990 マスメディアでは実現できなかった深いコミュニケーションをテクノロジーの力で実現していきます。 With state of the art technology, we provide a deep communication that mass media just can't offer.

Our company is developing the "SUGAR" live video "1 : 1 : N" distribution platform.
Famous entertainers are able to make videophone calls to their fans and deliver their presence in real time.

We were founded as a startup in June 2017.
Famous venture capital funds and famous individual investors have trust our company and raised hundreds of millions of yens for us.

We are working together to make a product that allows entertainers and fans to share a deep connection.

Warum wir das tun

Due to the current smartphone development and high-speed communication networks, the options for distributing information have become richer and more interactive.

It is natural then that the communication between celebrities and fans changes according to the times we live.

Or goal is to develop products that deliver real content by very prominent celebrities along with an impressive user experience.

To achieve that purpose, we need a team that makes our products grow organically.

Wie wir's tun

The concept of the product was a vision of our core members and we started operating as a corporation in October 2017.

With 2 people under one manager we started our product development and on July 2018 the iOS beta application was released.

We are enhacing our services with a small team of exceptional members starting by our CTO who has top class experience in video distribution service in Japan.

Carefully but quickly we are setting up all the preparations to have millions of users. For example, the services of major companies have nothing on the large scale infrastucture we are investing on.

We adopted Scala as the main development language. The front-end uses Swift and Kotlin.
Regarding our server technology, we are developing video servers using WebRTC among others. We can deliver at low latency without relying on external SDKs.


We are currently looking for an Android developer who can develop the SUGAR front-end with Kotlin.

【Mr. Sugitani (CTO) profile】
In 2006 joined Dwango Company as a graduate.
Eventually become Development leader in charge of several projects.
During this period at Dwango, Mr Sugitani developed Nikonama, a popular service that reached 3.33 million MAU (Monthly Active Users).

In 2013 he joined Septeni Original and worked on the developing culture as CTO.
He is also currently the CTO Comic Smart Company, a manga company and develops the cartoon application GANMA!

From October 2017, he joined the SUGAR Corporation and he is in charge of development as CTO.

【Our development culture】
Don't hesitate doing any effort to keep on with high-speed, high-quality development.

1. Use excellent tools - Scala or Swift or Kotlin rather than PHP, Objective-C or Java / High spec PC.
2. Use good methodologies in the correct way - Domain-Driven Design, Scrum etc.
3. Mantain code higiene - Review / Eagerness to test
4. Enjoy - avoid manual operation / automation · scripting

For details, plase see the blog below. So far we have only Japanese version ...

· 2017/10 blog entry - Summary of the first four years or Talk of a quitting CTO
· 2015/5 blog entry - A thought about technical debt

【Development environment】
· Macbook Pro 15 inch 2.9 GHz / memory 32 GB / SSD 512 GB
· Dual display
· GitHub / Slack / ...
· Scala / Swift / Kotlin / TypeScript / ...
· GCP / AWS / Docker / Kubernetes / Ansible / Akamai / Fastly / ...

・Work exprience developing Android apps with Kotlin or Java

■Bonus Points
・Experience developing services with Kotlin.
・Experience developing Unit Tests with JUnit or Spek
・Knowledge about Clean Architecture or MVVM


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