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Flight Dispatcher

WANTED! Flight Dispatcher | Build your flight career with Scoot TODAY!


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  • Always on the hunt for individuals with the Scootitude!

Was wir machen

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Scoot™ is the low-cost, medium-to-long haul arm of the Singapore Airlines Group. Scoot took to the skies in June 2012 and merged with Tigerair Singapore in July 2017, retaining the Scoot brand and positioning it well for a new chapter of growth.

Warum wir das tun

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Scoot offers an impeccable delivery service with personality, a contemporary feel and the choice to only pay for what matters to you. We announced ourselves to the world publicly on November 1st 2011 and, since then, we have grown spectacularly thanks to our customers and fans.

Wie wir's tun

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We want people with big smiles and even bigger personalities. People with passion—passion for travel, passion for people, passion for pushing boundaries. An airline with a different attitude. People with a different attitude. Scootitude™.

If you think you have Scootitude and can handle the excitement and challenges ahead to grow with us, apply today!

Receive information about vacancies and recruitment from Scoot Careers Facebook Page – "GOT Scootitude?"


Main Responsibilities:

- Computation of Flight Plans.
- Flight Operations Documentation Maintenance.
- Compute accurate flight plans in accordance with Company's Operational policies.
- Assist with Control the administration and maintenance of the EFBs.
- Make accurate and operationally acceptable weather analysis from a series of weather reports and charts.
- Maintain currency of Operational Documentation.


- Essential Skills
-- Must meet minimum age required by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)
-- Must possess minimum Diploma in the relevant field of study or A Levels
-- Candidates with experience in Flight Dispatch/ Operations will have an advantage
-- Candidates with a valid flight dispatcher licence will have an advantage
-- Able to work 12hr rotating shifts, rotating days off, weekends and holidays.

- Desirable Traits
-- Effective time management skills
-- Good analytical skills
-- Able to multi-task in a challenging environment and work independently

Sounds like you? Let’s meet! Click ‘Want to Visit,’ so we can set up a time for you to meet us!

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