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  • ADHD Entrepreneur from Japan. Hardware Startup HoloAsh CEO.
    I'm an adult with ADHD and want to create a social system in which differences can thrive.

    Python / ADHD / Cognitive Scientist

Was wir machen

  • Won the Health 2.0 Lightning Pitch
  • Our product

About HoloAsh (English below)

Creating a virtual assistant for those with potentially ADHD or mental illness.

米国では、セラピーが当たり前ですが、24時間利用できるわけではなく、1時間あたり日本円で1万円以上することが多く非常に高い。ADHD人口は約3千万人。AnxietyなどのMental Issueを持っている人は約4千万人で、自殺はアメリカ人の死因の10%を超えています(日本は1.5%)。
Being always online is exhausting. This recent trend is leading to a rise in depression and stress-related disorders called Digital Dementia which is similar to ADHD.
Actually, in the U.S. alone, there are 30 million ADHD people and estimated another 30 million who have the disorder but are undiagnosed.
The most common solutions sought are therapy and medicine, which are limited access and expensive.

もう1つは、Voice Baseのアプリケーションです。
We want to provide cheap and fast access to 24/7 round the clock communication to a virtual friend that can assist in everything from personal scheduling and mental issue.
Our product interacts with a person to guide people to be positive mind.

---How does it work?---

We are creating an NLP brain using CNN / RNN / LSTM combining with cognitive science.
It works as artificial general intelligence but based on Motivational Interviewing. People with ADHD need Visual Cue and Audio cue to focus on communication and feel empathy to that.

* Health 2.0 Lightning Pitch 優勝
* Y Combinator Startup School 採択
* JETRO 飛躍プログラム 採択
* X hub Tokyo シリコンバレー進出 採択
* Accenture Health Innovation Challenge 決勝進出

Warum wir das tun

  • CEO Yoshua Kishi




僕が会社に所属していた時、指示されたことができない、期限通りにできない、スケジュールを守れないなど、苦しんでいました。付き合っていた彼女にも、ADHDであることが原因でフラれてしまう。そこで、認知科学(脳科学やDeep Learning、デザイン、心理学などが包括されている)を学び、インターフェースやデザイン、サービスから自分の問題を解決できないか、と画策していました。

CEO Yoshua has ADHD and he wants to help people who suffer from the same situation. He worked at the company as engineer and he always couldn't make the stuff on time. For him, it was too difficult to focus on a boring thing, be still, and be organized in social life.
He learned Cognitive Science includes Brain Science / Deep Learning / Design / Psychology / Philosophy and came up with the hypothesis of visual cue and an audio cue. So he started his research on it and founded HoloAsh in April 2018, after combining his research into Cognitive Science with the idea to create a better world for people with mental disorders, such as his own ADHD.

Wie wir's tun

  • In Palo Alto
  • At the Garage



Slack, Githubでプロジェクトは管理、開発はPython, C++, Unity, NodeJSがメインです。まだ小規模なので、整備は甘いですが、だからこそ一緒に作っていきたいと思っています。

今後は日本については東京、または京都、アメリカはSan Fransiscoが拠点となります。

We are based in Tokyo Japan, and SF in the U.S.




* 2+ years of experience running marketing such as event / seminar / digital ads on Facebook, Google Ads, or similar digital ad platforms
* Able to work as part of a multi-cultural team spread across several continents and timezones
*Able to react and adapt quickly to changes



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