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Project Manager

AI Project Manager Jr./Work Globally!


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  • Takayuki Kato

Was wir machen

  • A0d8fa22 0b4b 4608 ba9b c82d5a41a37d 代表の北村は、AIを事業に活かすために何が必要かをMicrosoftで定期的に話しています。


Warum wir das tun

What we do
■私たちインキュビットは「人工知能 × データ時代の共創パートナー」として、ディープラーニング・機械学習等のの最先端テクノロジーを武器に、クライアントの新規事業の立ち上げ・次世代プロダクト・サービスの開発をアドバイザリー段階からシステムの実稼働までサポートしています。



Wie wir's tun

  • 1f7b41c6 818d 49d0 b6af 8ef13f08a4a7?1512990027 社内は3方向が全面窓になっているため、明るく開放的です。
  • C227d6f1 64c8 4143 aa04 6521bd61368f 様々な国籍のメンバーが在籍しているため、多様な文化に触れることが可能です。

Who we are


Culture / Working Environment


〇General Information
■ Location: Tokyo
■ Employment Status: Full-Time

■ Promote AI development projects with customers and realize a high level of customer satisfaction, development members satisfaction and profits for our company
■ Manage qualities of developments, schedule, outputs, and communication to provide high-quality services to customers
■ Create a better work environment through mutual communication with our collaborators such as engineers, external partners and so on

■ Support AI Project Manager
Deal with below tasks by keeping good communication with AI Project Manager, clients, and development team members
・Arrange project requirements ・Set up project scopes
・Share development requests to AI engineers ・Review deliverables
・Timeline and schedule management ・Collaborate with supporters such as annotators
・Create documents and materials for customers

■ Sales and cost management
Manage development project’s sales and costs to achieve high-profit margin

・Must Have
■ English: Business Level
■ Japanese: Native Level
■ Knowledge of IT (Web, machine learning etc.)
■ BS/MS in IT fields or similar technical degree, or with 3+ years of IT-related work/research
■ People who currently live in Japan

・Nice to Have
■ Experience with a team leader or/and project leader
■ Experience with project management with 3 to 5 members

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