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Intl Operations
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OP internship with Int'l team!

Wantedly, Inc.

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  • I am originally from the US, currently living my dream in Japan.
    At Wantedly, I am part of the Corporate team, handling international operations and customer success.

  • 外資系投資銀行のモルガン・スタンレーで株式アナリストとして約6年勤務。その後、外資系PRエージェンシーを経て、ビジョンに共感してtrippieceに入社。ビジネスサイド、カスタマーサポート、コーポレートやメディアの内部オペレーションと様々な業務を担当。


  • Born in China and raised in Singapore. I chose to fly into Japan after my graduation from National University of Singapore. I'm currently in the overseas operations team of Wantedly, handling contract related matters.

  • Been interested in creating my own things and figuring out how things work.
    Started programming and design at 12.

    A bizarre thing is that I’ve been somehow called “genius” from people around me.
    I'm not smart. But I bet you what, I have pretty good tastes.

What we do

  • 人と企業のマッチングを最大化するWantedly Visit
  • つながりを資産に変える、Wantedly People




1つ目のWantedly Visitは、人と企業の出会いを生み出す「会社訪問アプリ」です。


2つ目のWantedly Peopleは、名刺管理をきっかけとし、人と人のつながりを将来持続的に使える資産へと変える「つながり管理アプリ」です。



Why we do

  • 洒落た会議室でココロオドルミーティングを
  • 見通しの良い執務室





How we do

  • 「どうやっているのか」を本にまとめました
  • The Wantedly Values











[Job Description]

Currently, Wantedly has offices in Tokyo(HQ), Singapore, Hong Kong, and Berlin. Wantedly is gradually being brought to the rest of the world.

The International Operations team is a vital unit that builds the foundation of a fast expanding business. While based in Tokyo, we interact with each overseas office every day to ensure daily operations go smoothly. We also work closely with the International team, Development team and the Corporate teams in Tokyo. By supporting sales and marketing activities, it is our role to make it as easy as possible for the existing overseas offices to run as well as expanding to other areas.

We are hiring an intern to help support the development of our accelerating overseas expansion! Since the overseas offices are still in the early stages, the number of team members is small and you will have the opportunity to directly shape the flow of operations. This is a great chance to join a small but impactful team!

[Who we are looking for]

・Someone to passionately support the business from behind the scenes
・Someone who is creative and forward thinking, who can create new and improved processes
・Someone who is adaptable and can respond according to the circumstances, not necessarily the manual
・Someone who will have no problems communicating with the local team in Tokyo and the overseas offices
・Available at least 3 months


・Business level English(TOEIC 900+)
・Daily conversation level Japanese(JLPT N2+)

We want this internship to become one of the best experiences of your college career so feel free to come for a casual chat! You can check out the culture and atmosphere at Wantedly first hand. Just click the Want to visit button - we are waiting for you!

Testimonial from past intern

I learned and experienced way more than I ever expected from this internship. The soft skills and corporate experience I gained are invaluable and I am super grateful to all the team members.

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Company info
Wantedly, Inc.
  • Founded on 2010/09
  • 100 members
  • CEO can code /
    Featured on TechCrunch /
    Funded more than $1,000,000 /
  • 東京都港区白金台5-12-7 MG白金台ビル4階
  • OP internship with Int'l team!
    Wantedly, Inc.