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Web engineer
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Let's use React to connect the world


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  • I’m a full stack developer. I’m a fast learner and self-taught coder. I often take my time for researching and learning about hot and trending technology.

  • こんにちは!
    My name is Kevin Nguyen and I am from Hawaii.
    I have a BS (Bachelor of Science) in CS (Computer Science) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    My dream has always been to work in Tokyo.
    I love Japan's culture and food!
    I hope that my skills developed from formal Western education ...

  • A French developer passionate by web development specially on the server-side to design and build scalable and complex system.

What we do

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"Zenport" is an international trade management service for enterprises.
It will power exporters and importers by decreasing their backend tasks and optimizing their logistics with Blockchain.

We believe that inefficient international trade processes can be transformed by our cloud service, Zenport, where trade management can be executed effortlessly.

We aim to transform international trade and create one world market through Zenport.




Why we do

Our mission is to break down the borders of the world economy and create a world where all people can trade each other.

Globalization begins with the discovery of a new continent by Columbus in 1492.
For the first time in human history, "world" has come to mean "all places on the earth".

Until then the word meant "around the Mediterranean Sea", and occasionally included "around the East China Sea", but failed to capture the scale of the Earth.

With Columbus' feat, the world changed completely.
The migration of food, resources, and people between the New World and the Old World (the Eurasian Continent) has changed the world.


However, trade has not been able to create one world market.
An opaque supply chain. Cumbersome office work.

These complicated tasks are keeping up the smooth flow of things.
Moreover, individuals who want to start trade are also being blocked from entry.

We want to streamline these processes to take down the barriers that exist in international trade.
By doing so, we want to liberate the distribution of goods and accelerate the world economy.















How we do

  • Our team
  • Meeting

Our team is an international one. Our members come from the U.S., France, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Each member is unique and comes from a different background, which we respect and appreciate as a team.

We value open communication and transparency.
Thus, we use English in the office to optimize communication.

All of us hope to create a service that can be used worldwide. We aim to expand our service globallyーAsia, U.S., Europe, and in your country too. If you want to be a part of an ambitious team with eyes on the global market, please join us!




As a new team member

We are looking for front-end engineers who will join us and develop our service Zenport, the enterprise software for international trade.

Let's change the world with us.

Develop front-end engineering of Zenport

- React/ApolloClient (Graphql)
- ESNext
- Node.js
- Back-End Basic Knowledge

- FlowJS/Typescript
- Functional Programming
- Confident in the implementation of UI based off of mockups

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  • Let's use React to connect the world