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IoT プログラマー

4D camera creator @academic startrup


Mitglieder von 4Dセンサー株式会社

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  • Founder and CFO who can code.

  • Venture capitalist

  • Founder and CEO, Former professor / Vice president of Wakayama University

  • Founder and COO, PhD

Was wir machen

We create a extremely fast 3D scanner called 4D Sensor.

4D = 3D + time

The champion data is 50,000 frame per second.

Warum wir das tun

We want to give back our scientific achievements to our society.

Wie wir's tun

We are a university startup with international members. A very rare startup backed by investors:
- JR West
- Mitsubishi UFJ Capital
- Real Tech Fund/Euglena
- Japan Science and Technology Agency/Japanese government
- Kiyo lease capital
- Glocalink / Leave a Nest


Programmer who loves to code:

#Must skills
-Software programming skills in one of any languages: C++/C#, Java,Python
- Language skills: English or Japanese
Japanese skill is not required if you speak English.

#Preferred skills
- Programming tool experience: three.js, unity, unreal engine
- Knowledge of Image processing
- Hardware knowledge: camera, laser, manufacturing
- Willing to work on full time basis in Wakayama or Tokyo in Japan

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Jobart Berufsanfänger / Praktikum/ werkstudent / Mit Berufserfahrung / Auftragsarbeit
Besonderheiten Use foreign languages / Business trips abroad / Internationales Team / Studenten willkommen / Snacks/Lunch kostenlos
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Gründer 森本吉春,柾谷明大, 入野康隆
Gegründet Februar, 2012
Mitarbeiterzahl 15 Mitarbeiter
Branchen IT (Telecom/SI/Software) / Electronics / Electrical Equipment / Education / Research

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