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WANTED! A Project Manager who understands design.

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  • UX/UI Designer at Goodpatch. Passionate about innovation, loves making connections.

Was wir machen

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Hi, we are Goodpatch!

Goodpatch is a product studio in constant pursuit of creating design & services that move people’s hearts. We’ve been helping businesses to design and develop digital solutions since 2011, with studios in Tokyo, Berlin, Taipei and Munich.

In our Berlin studio we are a team of approximately 20, whereas globally we are a team of over 💯 designers and engineers pushing the world forward with pixel-perfect design and clean code. Some of our past and current clients include McDonalds, Panasonic, Mimi, Vimcar, Teambay, Careship, Mitte, WEKA and Zenjob.

Almost every member of our team is a designer—whether we craft interfaces, strategy, or code, we are united by our curiosity and unshakable belief in the power of good design. Together we make a difference to the world.

Warum wir das tun

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When Naofumi Tsuchiya originally founded Goodpatch to bring good user experience to Japan, he was driven by the mission of proving the power of great design to the world and moving people's hearts.

Together with our clients, we now bridge cultures and industries to create quality solutions that include great design and a fresh user experience. With user interface design as our foundation, we build clean code and effective strategies. The products we design have already changed the lives of millions of people.

Wie wir's tun

  • Ac459c0b b772 43bb b4ba 6f8bed51fcdf?1527675865 Enjoying delicious soup at our end-of-the-month team event
  • 913b4cf6 bd51 4272 b796 6900e0f45d46?1527675865 Our big and comfy kitchen invites to have some tea, coffee, and great chat.

Our design process starts with good problems. We are glad to be able to work with clients of different industries and sizes, who all believe in the importance of good design. After a design kick off, we start creating prototypes and don't stop collecting user feedback to refine our product until it is truly great design.

At Goodpatch, we are a very diverse and passionate team. We are united by our love for excellent design, our hands-on mentality and our curiosity to always learn more. If you share this passion with us and are looking for an inspiring team with a lot of freedom to innovate and reach your potential, we'd love to hear from you!


Project Managers enable us to do our best work yet. They have our teams’ and clients’ back, impressing everyone with their sharp communication and organizational skills.

With your dual design-tech expertise and experience in sprint planning, we create & build new features of mobile and user interfaces for clients. You enable us to go full-speed and also know when it is time to slow down. You’ll work intimately with developers, designers, and all disciplines involved in putting out world-class products into the hands of users. The chance to hand your work off to complement in another discipline takes trust, and you understand what it takes to get there and keep those relationships running smoothly.

We expect:
- Experience in agile software development.
- Top project management and execution skills with a track record to prove it.
- Serious addiction to getting and giving feedback, both internal and external.
- Understanding the importance of prototyping.
- Great communication skills.
- Getting-shit-done attitude. While we at Goodpatch are unrelenting perfectionists, you know when it’s time to let your baby go out into the world.
- Great leadership skills. We need someone who is confident in communicating with clients, leading presentations, workshops and mentoring creative talent.
- Fluency in English and German. Japanese optional.

We offer:
- A bright, spacious and cosy office space centrally located in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
- Many perks to make your relocation and live in Berlin most pleasant
- Chance to live in our Goodpatch apartment during the first 2 months after your arrival to this amazing city
- Flex hours
- Sport-, book-, conference-, gadget-budget
- Monthly team dinners and weekly breakfasts.
- MacBook of choice (Touch Bar optional 😎 ).
- Opportunity of travel to Japan and of working with Goodpatch Tokyo.
- Working with a fun, talented and international team that aims to create a caring and inclusive workplace.

If you are ready to create the Wow, brush up your wantedly profile including your CV and portfolio or drop Teodora a mail at

Tell us in your introduction who you are and the next challenge you’re looking for. Let us get to know you and what you can bring to the Goodpatch team.


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Prove the power of great design.

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Create minimal lovable Products

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Gründer Naofumi Tsuchiya
Gegründet September, 2011
Mitarbeiterzahl 120 Mitarbeiter
Branchen Consulting / Survey / IT (Internet/Mobile) / Media / Publishing

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