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  • Based on my previous experiences in financial services, IT consulting, higher education and telemarketing I am tackling the most acute problem of Germany, Italy & Japan - teaching 50+ to reap the rewards of technology and social media for bettering their financial position and quality of life.

Was wir machen

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Geronist educates and provides services to 50+ generation for utilizing modern technology for benefit of cost efficient and better quality of life.

Warum wir das tun

Educating baby boomers generation to successfully participate in information age society.

Wie wir's tun

We tame computers, tablets, smartphones and other hardware to useful companions, that do exactly, what is expected of them. We guide baby boomers through labyrinths of web services, e-mail, messaging apps, social networks, e-shops, video libraries and news pages to make sure they benefit the most from the technology.


You have:
German or Italian language at minimum level B2
Computer with internet connection
Regular computer usage skills
Positive attitude
Clear dictation

We provide:
4-hour work shifts
Felxible work-hours during 9:00 - 21:00 (CET)
Possibility to do other tasks when not on call
Income depending on your activity, based on call minutes
Very international and academic core team
Possibility for promotion - editor, web researcher, process creator

You will teach people aged 50+ over the phone to use information technology services (social media, e-shopping, e-finance, etc) to make their life more time and cost efficient. Your task is to answer phone calls and walk clients through the process over the phone, based on set scripts. All customers have seen training video before and stumbled at one point. Work is done in German or Italian for customers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy.

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Infos zum Unternehmen
Gründer Anna Müürisepp
Gegründet Dezember, 2016
Branchen Media / Publishing / Human Resources / Nursing Care / Education / Research

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