Efficient communication with Wantedly Chat

Send messages concisely and rapidly. Create unlimited groups for every project to discuss privately.

Don't miss any messages by the nicely sorted feed, even if you are a member of many groups. All groups are shown in the newest order.


Share Chat Groups to your companies and communities

Chat groups are linked to your company/team, so all members of the company/team can view the list of chat groups and freely join them anytime. You would be able to omit the process of inviting your members to all groups.

Companies with many employees can also use Wantedly Chat since there are not limitation in the number of members that can be added to your teams.


Instantly share and preview files

Microsoft Office, PDF, design files and more can be shared with others by simply dragging and dropping it. You can preview them instantly through Wantedly Chat.

Don't worry even if you are remotely watching Wantedly Chat on your phone. You can always preview these files from your phone as well.


Linkage with Cloud Services

Share data from Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote instantly as well. With our App, you can also keep track of notifications from Github's repository.


Convey messages to the exact person

Send direct messages to a specific member in chat groups by "Mention"ing them. Group members will know who the messages are directed to at one glance. They can also manage messages mentioned to them in a list so they wouldn't miss any.

Assured Security

All networks are encrypted by using TLS protocol v1.2 (SSL) to avoid a third party to intervene.
Sent data are strictly safe kept by a reliable and high-security standard data center.
We would never disclose the data unless we get consent from our user or get required by law and such other limited situations.