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Sinya Ota

Shinya Ota, CTO of CTIA and CEO of BRAIN, is utilizing distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence to create a brand-new digital transformation globally. He founded his first company, an internet service planning and operation system when he was 13 years old, and he further acquired diverse knowledge and high expertise for various industries through EC website development as well as community development for producers and trading companies. In 2000, his company was incorporated as a limited partnership called BigWebShip, providing design services based on the internet; providing support for marketing new businesses for enterprises; consulting with SMEs to improve sales; as well as using advanced technology for their own R&D goals. With a business career that spans over 20 years, he has successfully consulted with more than 1,000 companies. Since 2017, Shinya has started to develop a Smart Intelligence Network with a high scalability of system development focusing on decentralized systems. After becoming CTO of CTIA in 2018, he has started to advance the IT industry by developing a new information-sharing system called Traceability as a Service(TaaS) utilizing DLT.

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ドキュメントやスライドなどのGoogle Appで作成されたファイルを一括で管理できるアプリです。用途に応じて共有する場所や対象と相手を自由に限定すること...

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Microsoft社が提供する複数のクラウドサービスの総称。Exchange Online、Sharepoint Onlineなど共同作業の活発化を促し、...

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